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The Nova Scotia Department of the Environment (NSE) approved Scotian Materials 2015 application. It was revoked less than 2 months later. Four appeals were filled including one on behalf of the Stop the Fall River Quarry community group, read full appeal. Our appeal is pending, and Scotian Materials has appealed the revocation. Meanwhile, Scotian Materials has a third application being reviewed.

Many of you are on our emailing list already but for those of you who are not, please email us ASAP to be added. stopthefallriverquarry@gmail.com

Although we try to share every detail of what is happening, it can be a lot of work and we don’t want you to miss out on any information. Being on this page and on the email list guarantees you will know everything, especially things we wish to keep inside the group.

As this new week starts, keep up with your letters and emails. Email/call the Premier, the Minister of the Environment, your MLA. We have to keep the pressure on and we need to document our opposition.

We need to stand up as a community and make it clear that quarries, asphalt and concrete plants are not welcome in our residential community.

What can I do?
1) Send your opposition and comments via email to:
Bill Horne, MLA Waverley-Fall River-Beaverbank: billhornemla@gmail.com
Margaret Miller, Minister of Environment: minister.environment@novascotia.ca
Lloyd Hines, Minister of Natural Resources: mindnr@novascotia.ca
Stephen McNeil, Premier: premier@novascotia.ca
Mike Savage, Mayor of Halifax: mayor@halifax.ca

HRM Councillors: Click here to see more info on the Councillors.

Office of Municipal Clerk: clerks@halifax.ca
Steve Streatch: steve.streatch@halifax.ca
David Hensbee: david.hendsbee@halifax.ca
Bill Karsten: bill.karsten@halifax.ca
Lorelei Nicoll: lorelei.nicoll@halifax.ca
Darren Fisher: darren.fisher@halifax.ca
Waye Mason: waye.mason@halifax.ca
Russell Walker: russell.walker@halifax.ca
Stephen Adams: stephen.adams@halifax.ca
Matt Whitman: matt.whitman@halifax.ca
Brad Johns: brad.johns@halifax.ca
Steve Craig: steve.craig@halifax.ca
Tim Outhit: tim.outhit@halifax.ca
Sam Austin: sam.austin@halifax.ca
Tony Mancini: tony.mancini@halifax.ca
Lindell Smith: lindell.smith@halifax.ca

*The Clerk’s office should be copied on every email to every HRM Councillor.
**ALL Councillors should be emailed (not just the local Councillor) with a copy to the Clerk’s office.

2) Get informed and stay informed
– Don’t rely on any one source of information. Do your own research on how quarries and asphalt and concrete plants can negatively impact a community
– Tell your neighbours about the proposed quarries & asphalt/concrete plant
– Attend information meetings
– Question government officials
– Sign a printed petition
– Join the Facebook page: Facebook.com/StopTheMillerLakeQuarry

3) Get engaged
-Volunteer your time/expertise
-Attend or host a yardsale/fundraiser to raise money to continue the fight
-Request a sign for your property

Questions? Comments?
Email: Stopthefallriverquarry@gmail.com