Q. Are the existing quarries and asphalt plants running at full capacity?
A. No, the quarries are operating at 60% and the asphalt plants are operating at 50%.

Q. If Scotian Materials is trying to open an asphalt plant in Tantallon with their quarry, why do they want to open one here in Fall River?
A. As per the mapping provided at the meeting in Tantallon on June 1, 2015, they are positioning themselves along the 103 to compete for the twinning proposed on that highway. Scotian Materials is pointing to a dozen quarries between Halifax and Barrington. There is an application to rezone this likely means they want to create a permanent operation in Tantallon, to some degree, to service the HRM from that end. Here in Fall River, the location will put them directly in the middle of all the major competition with an even opportunity to fight for the market in HRM from this end.

Q. Which neighborhoods will be affected?
A. Actually, now that they have added a concrete plant and an asphalt plant to their proposal, the communities across the highway, Schwartzwald, Kendelmark, Oaken Hills, are at even greater risk, being in the path of predominate winds direction. Most especially concerning is Holland Road Elementary School. We need to convince HRM to say no to this plan.

Q. Is it true there will be more than one quarry in the Fall River location?
A. We are told, there are at least two, if not three other proponents waiting to see what happens. As Councillor Barry Dalrymple told the Tantallon group at the meeting on June 1, if the Province says yes to one, how could they ever get away with saying no to the next, and the next? This factor also increases the exposure faced by neighborhoods like Schwartzwald and Kendelmark, Oaken Hills and Wellington. We need to impress upon Nova Scotia Environment to shut this proposal down before they ever listen to another word.

Group ATN Report on why this quarry is not suitable in this location.

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