Land Swap – Fall River / Tantallon

Land Swap – Fall River / Tantallon.

The Nova Scotia government traded swamp land for aggregate-rich land and in addition gave Scotian Materials 24 hectares of aggregate rich land in Tantallon and an exclusive right-of-way (so that trucks could leave the quarry legally). The property in Fall River is assessed at $64,600 (AAN 02754932). The Tantallon properties are valued at $1,700 (1/2 of AAN 04690176) and $37,200 (double the value prior to the swap) (AAN 04690176). The total value of these properties given up by Scotian Materials is $103,500. The province made this deal early in January 2016, but it was not publicized until February 19, and the Minister of Natural Resources falsely claimed the Province was over $200,000 richer in land holdings (impossible when the value is less than that). The property given to Scotian Materials remains unvalued on the Crown Corporation’s website. This was done quietly and without announcement or public consultation (these are part of the lands purchased through the Bowater Mersey buyout). Both MLA’s for the areas claimed not to know prior to the public announcement, which occurred approximately a month after the agreement. MLA Bill Horne and Councillor Barry Dalrymple maintain that an alternate and appropriate parcel of land was offered to Scotian Materials in exchange for the Goffs site, approximately 6-10km away.

A recent article in the Masthead News about the proposed Tantallon / Tote Rd. asphalt plant and application for by-law amendment by Scotian Materials notes that, “In 2012 the Dexter government purchased the surrounding crown lands with the agreement that they would remain in their pristine state and allow for recreational uses. The access that Scotian Materials proposes is through these Crown lands and is inconsistent with that agreement and present recreational uses.”

Pristine state. Crown lands. Recreational use.

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