The ‘President’ Title

We told you that Rob MacPherson has been president of multiple companies, right? We tend to think this title has been used for convenience. Check out the Chebucto Community Council minutes from back in 2003 when Rob MacPherson was ‘president’ of Kimberly Lloyd Developments. Sounds oh-so-familiar. Seems like Robert MacPherson has a history of exaggerating the ‘facts’ and getting into it with residents for corporate gain, long before Scotian Materials was even thought of. Sad thing is, he usually gets his way. No wonder Northern Construction hired him.

“Issue – Public Information meeting held April 24/02; Mr. Rob MacPherson commented there would be 500 units, now it is 870 units – future development? Mr. MacPherson commented that two associations were consulted of plan, the MacIntosh Run Association – member of that group was in audience and refuted Mr. MacPherson’s statement. Also, Herring Cove Rate Payers Association – was struck off registry in 2002 – what association has Mr. MacPherson consulted with? One rejected his comment and one is defunct.”

Oh and guess what. The issue was rezoning for development and residents were opposed mainly due to WATER issues.