Measurements are Inaccurate

We hired experts to determine the distances to certain landmarks because we determined that the measurements Scotian Materials provided in the application were convenient (e.g., no structures within 800m), but impossible. It created what we referred to as “negative space” or a “negative footprint.”
There are roughly 5100m between the airport and the nearest residence boundary. According to Scotian Materials, the proposed quarry will be 298m long and be 1500m from the nearest residential well and 4000m from the airport. This makes 5500m. Impossible. According to Scotian Materials, they are both closer to the Highway, and closer to the pipeline and Game Sanctuary. Impossible with a 3.9ha quarry footprint. According to Scotian Materials, they are further from the scales but further from the airport. Impossible. We presented this to Nova Scotia Environment and they also saw this as an issue, considering the proximity of watercourses, wetlands and structures measurements are necessary. They ordered a land survey be done for accurate measurements. We are happy about this, but we haven’t heard back any results, so we don’t have any idea where this stands.
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