Required Separation Distances Not Adhered To

(1) No person responsible for the operation of a quarry shall locate the associated works within:
(b) 30 m of the bank of any watercourse or ordinary high water mark;
(2) No person responsible for the operation of a quarry shall blast within:
(b) 30 m of the bank of any watercourse or the ordinary high water mark;
Watercourse: Means the bed and shore of every river, stream, lake, creek, pond, spring, lagoon, or other natural body of water, and the water therein, within the jurisdiction of the Province, whether it contains water or not, and all ground water.

The above is quoted verbatim from the Nova Scotia Pit and Quarry Guidelines.

WAM from 2007 LiDAR 3This image was provided to us by the Forest Watershed Research Center. It shows an aerial photo from May 2016, the 30m zone around the footprint, and the flow channels and wet areas based on digital elevation mapping from 2007 LiDAR data. There’s probably some difference between the wet areas and the high water mark, but clearly the 30m separation distance is not being maintained; it overlaps the flow channel itself on the right edge. The wet area above the footprint was the wetland, the wet areas below left are water draining, and the wet area to the right side is a stream. Notice the shape is different between the actual and planned footprint. Perhaps Scotian Materials ran into some drainage issues when they were excavating the footprint.

Rob MacPherson on Rick Howe said the application would be decided based on “facts” and not science. It seems to us that science is causing issues for Scotian Materials. Minister of Environment Margaret Miller stated almost exactly the same thing in the Legislature when asked why she closed public consultation without notice; that the decision will be based on “facts and not letters from the community.” The letters from the community contain science such as this, and the Environment department states they will  use science in their decision-making. The scientists who created the map above were hired in the past by the Nova Scotia government. So, we are truly baffled as to why Nova Scotia Environment wouldn’t want this science to ensure that Scotian Materials is abiding by the Pit and Quarry Guidelines that belong to their department.


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