Size of Quarry and Existing Pits


“Note that the Minister can use discretion as it relates to Environmental Assessment particularly if the pit and quarry are in close proximity.” On June 13, 2011, this conversation took place between Nova Scotia Environment and a representative of Maritime Fence (also under umbrella of Maritime Falls Group/ Northern Construction). On this date, the to-be-quarry operator, that eventually became Scotian Materials, was told that because of the 2 acre clay pit on the property, any additional pit would have to total 2ha or less without requiring an industrial approval. And again, he reminded the rep that 4ha or larger quarries require Environmental Assessment.Scotian Materials Goffs Fall River Quarry It later came up in the file that there is ALSO an old gravel pit (TIR pit) which has been nonoperational since the 1960’s and was never reclaimed. The clay pit has an active approval. Right now. Currently. This means there are already 2 pits on the property using the same access road. Rob MacPherson likes to remind us all of the gravel pit because he thinks it proves our reasoning is wrong. However it has long been abandoned, and we think it points to more special treatment. Robert MacPherson claimed the proposed Fall River Quarry/ Goffs Quarry location was the site of a quarrying operation in the past….”historically,” says he. This is the quarrying operation he was referring to….. Not a quarrying operation at all. This is an old TIR Pit that was used in twinning of the 102 highway. It was funnyish to hear him misrepresent this fact while repeatedly touting facts and rules, etc. Think about this too. How many years has this pit been sitting in an abandoned state, and because it has been scraped and cleared of its soils, it still sits as an exposed rock face. Nothing grows here. He is talking to an anonymous listenener, hoping to garner support from a listener base that is naive to the facts here. Problem is, he is coming away less knowledgeable than the opponents. There is no blasting taking place here, nor has there for half a century, if ever; pit means it is dug and not blasted.

Scotian Materials Fall River Quarry Goffs Quarry 2

The total quarry size is supposed to include the road and all associated works. But so far Nova Scotia Environment is claiming the roadway pre-existed, which is not accurate. It was a muddy path. As well pre-existing would need to imply it serves more than one purpose. The other purpose is to lead to the two other pits on the property.

So how many separate pits and quarries does Scotian Materials get to operate using the same access road, exactly? Do they just get to add small pits and quarries indefinitely, and never have an Environmental Assessment conducted? Why does it seem like Nova Scotia Environment just threw out the rule book when it comes to Scotian Materials?

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