No Waivers for Structures within 800m



(2) No person responsible for the operation of a quarry shall blast within:

800 m of the foundation or base of a structure located off site. Structure includes but is not limited to a private home, a cottage, an apartment building, a school, a church, a commercial building , a treatment facility associated with the treatment of municipal sewage, industrial or landfill effluent, an industrial building or structure, a hospital, nursing home etc.*

*Note. The separation distance is measured from the working face and point of blast to the foundation or base of the structure. This distance can be reduced with written consent from all individuals owning structures within 800 m.

The above is a direct quote from the Nova Scotia Pit and Quarry Guidelines. To date we are not aware of written waivers for the natural gas pipeline owned by Maritimes and Northeast, nor the highway scales, nor Maritime Fence. All are structures within 800m, according to our experts (see map below). Structures within 800m are required to provide written consent as per the Nova Scotia Pit and Quarry guidelines.



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