Predicted Well Water Impacts- Quality and Quantity


Our water quantity issues and water quality issues with the 2016 Scotian Materials application are many and are discussed in separate tabs under the Information tab.

In a nutshell, the only place we could find any estimation of the depth of the water table in the area of the proposed quarry site was in the application to HRM to change the Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use By-Law by Scotian Materials, which was subsequently denied. There, president Rob MacPherson (who signs his letters with the professional engineer signature) used the average depth of water-bearing fractures of nearby wells, which he says is 33m (page 14). And we thought engineering meant more than taking a simple average! No regard was shown to the elevation of the wells, the distance from the site, nor the actual or modelled depth of the water table at the proposed quarry site. Quarrying below the water table causes most negative effects on nearby wells. Our modelling, which was repeated by the Forest Watershed Research Center with exact coordinates, showed a very distinct possibility that the depth of the proposed quarry at 22m would indeed exceed the depth of the water table.


Prior to any excavation below the watertable a hydrological study will be required and approval must be obtained from the Minister or Administrator.

The above is a direct quote from the Nova Scotia Pit and Quarry Guidelines. A hydrogeological study was ordered by Nova Scotia Environment based on the information we provided. We have yet to hear any results.

We also provided research showing the very real concerns of nitrates and other poisonous substances from explosives being released into the environment, of excess sediment due to rock blasting and crushing being released into the very near streams and wetlands, of pH being further lowered (it is already a dangerously low 4.5pH at the nearby Holland Brook), and of arsenic being released from the rock being quarried. Please see the sections on water issues for more information, here and here.

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