Wetland Delineators Lacked Certification

Early on in our quest for scientific information, we came across the notion of “Wet Areas Mapping” (or WAM), which is predictive modelling based on the topography of the land and known water features and can be used to indicate where wet areas will be. These wet areas may be wetlands, though proper delineation is required by certified wetland delineators. We sent Nova Scotia Environment this image, which predicted that water would drain straight through the proposed footprint. As you may notice, the WAM was obtained from a map on the Nova Scotia government website.superimposed wet areasIn addition, we pointed out that the consultants (Golder Associates) who had delineated the wetlands were not certified nor on Nova Scotia Environment’s list of certified wetland delineators. As a result of the letters we sent, a certified wetland delineation was ordered. We have no idea where this stands. Wetland delineation is normally done during the dry season so that it captures an area that depends on water year-round. The minister in her response to the complaint our group made about unauthorized wetland alteration, stated this consultant was “qualified.” We don’t know why she said this. The situation is still unfolding and we are currently doing deeper research on the wetlands subject.
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