Impacts on Surrounding Wildlife


The proposed site for the Fall River Quarry / Goffs Quarry is on land owned by Northern Construction (which owns Scotian Materials and Maritime Fence). This land is surrounded by highway 102 and Crown Land, and the proposed quarry footprint is less than 600m from the boundary to the Waverley Game Sanctuary. The Waverley Game Sanctuary in some areas overlaps with the Waverley Salmon River Long Lake Wilderness Area. Both are connected by waterways to the property owned by Northern Construction; a series of lakes, rivers and streams, and wetlands connects hundreds of hectares worth of water. The map below shows Crown Land in the green on the left, the Waverley Salmon River Long Lake Wilderness Area on the right in the mint green, and the proposed quarry in the red square. Since the land swap with crown land in Tantallon, there is more crown land closer to the proposed quarry footprint than this map shows. The Waverley Game Sanctuary is not indicated on this map correctly; it comes within about 500m from the proposed quarry footprint.

Scotian Materials Rob MacPherson Fall River Goffs Quarry

According to the Wildlife Act regulations ( wigeneral.htm):

5A A person must not administer, attempt to administer or make available any drug, chemical or other substance that is capable of doing any of the following to non-captive wildlife unless the person is authorized to do so by the Director of Wildlife:

  1. (a)  chemically marking an animal; or
  2. (b)  altering any biological process, function or state of an animal.

Many of our lakes are already acidic in Nova Scotia and in particular the surrounding lakes Soldier and Miller, with pH values last recorded (1983) of 4.5 to 5.6 ( surface.water/lakesurveyprogram.asp Lake Chemistry data sheet and surface.water/docs/AcidityInLakesCV.pdf). Tests performed by our group on the water of Holland Brook in February 2016 showed it has a pH of 4.5. As the research presented by our group indicates, the rock to be quarried likely has high levels of iron and arsenic, and most likely will further reduce the pH of the watercourses nearby. The project site is very near the Waverley Game Sanctuary, within 600m according to the application. Under the regulations, “No person shall at any time hunt, take, injure, trap, snare, shoot, wound, kill or destroy any game animal, fur bearing animal, or other wild animal, or any game bird or other wild bird within the limits of the game sanctuary” ( just/regulations/regs/wiwavley.htm ). The explosives MSDS sheet says on it not to release it into the environment. Under the current plan from Scotian Materials, it undoubtedly will be released into the environment, as the only method of filtering the effluent is to allow sediment to settle in ponds (that are likely too small), then to pump the water out onto a pile of rocks and release it into the environment. This will not remove dissolved elements. Regarding deleterious substances and chemicals being released into the water, members of our group have already submitted research to Nova Scotia Environment showing 1) the proximity of watercourses and wetlands 2) the connectivity of those watercourses and wetlands to other watercourses, wetlands and lakes in the sanctuary, wilderness area and protected watershed area, 3) the potential of harmful chemicals being released from blasting and 4) the potential for harmful metals being released from the rock itself. If this water contains deleterious substances, this will be in direct contravention to 1) the intended use of the land owned by Northern Construction which is not zoned for resource extraction and the intended use of crown land for parks, trails and enjoyment, 2) the Fisheries Act, 3) the Waverley Game sanctuary regulations, 4) the Wildlife Act regulations and 5) the Wilderness Areas Protection Act.  In addition, the last records of catches from the Nova Scotia government website show the American Eel lives in Soldier Lake. The American Eel is considered Threatened, Special Concern or a Species at Risk, depending on the document consulted and the location, and its status is currently under review. Please also read our blasting sections, which shows that the current blasting plan proposed will most certainly exceed limits allowed for the swim bladders of fish and spawning areas.

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