Zoning does not Permit Quarries

First, the zoning (AE-4) for the land on which the Fall River Quarry (Goffs Quarry, Aerotech Quarry, Miller Lake Quarry) is proposed does not permit quarries. Although Rob McPherson of Scotian Materials continually says the zoning is “Industrial,” it is not. It is Aerotech Industrial, or Aerotech Business (see here). There’s a difference. This land was specifically designated for uses other than resource extraction, such as services to the airport and aerospace engineers. (Case in point: the blasting will interfere with aircraft instrument landings and thus must be approved by the Halifax International Airport Authority, NavCan, and must have a Notice to Airmen/ NOTAM issued in advance.) Although Scotian Materials/Northern Construction took Halifax Regional Municipality to court and claims that their win means that the Province has the ultimate authority to determine the location of quarries, this is only partly accurate. Other lawyers (including one for other quarry operators) have come forward and pointed out what the judge and the legislation say: the Province must consider the land use and the Municipality’s intentions. HRM has steadfastly denied that a quarry is appropriate use of this land.

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